Second, the intake of meals by the nation, of the sex by each other is demonstrated in line with the dichotomised viewpoints


This new dataset found in it data falls under the brand new Cross National Pupil Fitness Questionnaire (CNSHS), an overall health survey one of student populations presented in a lot of Western european nations . In the modern data five web sites were integrated, and therefore presented the research when you look at the 2005: College or university regarding Bielefeld, Germany (DE); School regarding Southern Denmark (DK); Catholic College or university out-of Lublin, Poland (PL); and you may Sofia University, Bulgaria (BG). The study applied a home-administered multi-motif fitness questionnaire, and additionally issues towards the several health behaviors. The first survey was developed in german and translated towards the Gloss, Bulgarian and you will Danish because of the two independent translators. Both versions had been compared as well as their conflicts solved when you look at the talk having local sound system involved in the research party. New survey is distributed to earliest-12 months college students during normal kinds throughout the last section of chose courses and collected after getting done because of the students. No incentives was basically given. The brand new effect pricing (based on numbers of returned questionnaires) were >95% (Bulgaria, Poland), 92% (Denmark), and you can varied (60%–100%) for Germany according to the interviewed communities (85% normally, straight down impulse rates when you look at the higher lecture room than in shorter seminars). The research provided 2651 people. Gender is destroyed to own 60 youngsters and you will an extra 189 got lost answers in a number of concerns ultimately causing a final shot size off 2402.


Told concur and you can ethical permission

Involvement regarding the analysis is voluntary and you will private. Youngsters had been told you to definitely by finishing brand new survey these people were providing its told accept to take part. They certainly were including told that they you are going to terminate the fresh participation during the one point while you are completing new survey. The fresh permission so you’re able to conduct the research was provided from the participating institutions: Bielefeld College inside Bielefeld (Germany), brand new Catholic School from Lublin, Lublin (Poland), the brand new School regarding Sofia within the Sofia (Bulgaria) while the College or university off Southern Denmark (Denmark).

Statistical data

The analysis was conducted using SPSS 17 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA), with statistical significance level set at p <0.05. First, the sociodemographic characteristics of the sample were presented by country and tested for differences using chi-square test. Bivariate comparisons were tested by chi-square test. When country and sex were considered simultaneously, logistic regression with main effects of country and sex and their interaction was conducted to obtain significance tests. When the interaction was not significant, it was removed and the model was re-estimated using main effects only. Third, the effects of not living at parental home on the consumption of the food groups were assessed in logistic regression models. Each sex-country combination was recoded into a new variable yielding 8 distinct groups. The interaction between this new variable and living at parental home versus other living arrangements indicated whether the effects were homogenous or varied across countries or by sex. When interaction term was significant, stratified analysis was carried out to present the effects across the sex/country combinations.

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